A message from Little Sisters of the Poor

Words cannot adequately express our sincere appreciation for your dedicated support over the years. You have held a very special place in the history and the family of
Sts. Mary and Joseph Home since through your generosity many thousands of Residents received compassionate and devoted care during their final journey home to God.

Last year we had to make the difficult decision to leave the Cleveland area due to the
declining number of vocations. As you may know, the Home was recently transferred to
Altercare at Saint Joseph Center, Inc.

Jeanne Jugan, our foundress, had a vision of family that extended far beyond the
Little Sisters and Residents. She sought to involve people from all walks of life in the same mission of hospitality. You are and always will be, very much a part of our family.

While we will no longer have a mission in Cleveland, the Little Sisters will continue to
minister to the elderly poor. Any donations made to Cleveland will support that mission. The Homes in Ohio are located in Oregon, near Toledo and Cincinnati. We have 28 Homes through the U.S. For a list of all of our  Homes, visit our national website.

We count you among our blessings for your support of our Mission. In the words of our Foundress, St. Jeanne Jugan, “We must always say ‘Blessed be God. Thank you, my God.'”
In gratitude, you and your intentions will be remembered in our prayers.

May God bless you for helping us provide for His elderly poor.